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    A New Frontier in Type 2 Diabetes Research and Its Link to Heart Disease

    Researchers at the Montreal Heart Institute are looking for new treatments to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease before it happens, and their earlier work has already yielded promising results

    What if you could reduce your risk of a heart attack before you had one, especially if you know you’re at a higher risk? In Canada, heart disease is the second leading cause of death, after cancer, and some groups are at disproportionate risk because of other health conditions. This new frontier of preventative medicine is what Dr. Jean-Claude Tardif of the Montreal Heart Institute is working on, and he’s using a tried-and-true drug—colchicine—to try to stop heart problems before they happen. Dr. Tardif is the lead investigator on two related but distinct studies: COLCOT-1 and COLCOT-T2D.