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    Article by Karim Aly, CEO of our partner Noze – AI Powered Breath Analysis for Early Disease Screening & Diagnostics

    Most people would likely agree that the healthcare industry is in need of a good shakeup, particularly in the domains of disease screening and diagnostics. Outdated protocols and long wait times for screening often snowball into delayed diagnoses for illnesses that are most treatable in their early stages. Enter the sense of smell: a valuable tool used in disease diagnostics for centuries, but largely marginalized in modern medicine.  Now, with recent advancements in AI-powered, digital odour perception, a ground-breaking opportunity for early disease screening has emerged, one poised to revolutionize healthcare. Noze, a Canadian company that has been working on digitizing the sense of smell since 2014, believes that smell could very well be the next frontier in healthcare innovation.

    The Rise of AI for Digital Odour Perception

    While sound, vision, and touch have been successfully digitized with technologies like microphones, cameras, and haptics, digitizing smell has remained an elusive challenge. Most odours are distinctive, so in a perfect world each would simply have its own digital “fingerprint”  making them easy to identify – however, reality proves more complex, as odors exist in dynamic backgrounds made up of a variety of other odours. This complexity has long hindered companies seeking to crack the code of digital odour perception. For decades, sensor technologies have grappled with reliably deciphering and interpreting odor fingerprints due to the issue of background odor interference. But recent breakthroughs have enabled the development of an AI-enabled platform capable of detecting a wide range of odours with exceptional speed and remarkable precision, even within the most chaotic of environments. The bedrock of this ground-breaking platform stems from a series of patents originating from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) and exclusively licensed to Noze.