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-Scientific Director of Ecogène-21.
-Director, Community Genetic Medicine Center of University of Montreal at Saguenay.
-Professor, Faculty of Medicine at the University of Montreal.
-Principal co-investigator of the initiative.

About Daniel Gaudet

Dr. Gaudet is president and scientific director of ECOGENE-21, a non-profit organization devoted to access to innovation in precision medicine. Lipidologist of international reputation, Dr Gaudet is affiliated to the Université de Montréal (UdeM), Department of medicine and medical specialities and is director of the UdeM Community Genetic Medicine Center (coordinated from Saguenay) and its Clinical Lipidology and Rare Lipid Disorders Unit.

His main academic and research activities target unmet medical needs in lipidology, rare lipid disorders and associated risks. Over the years, he has designed and managed over 250 clinical trials (Proof of concept and phases I to IIb) and academic studies, including development and clinical evaluation of innovative technologies or treatments for unmet medical needs. He authored more than 300 scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals, including several tens in very highly rated Journals (New England Journal of Medicine, Lancet, Nature Medicine, Nature Genetics) as well as >500 scientific communications or book chapters.