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    Notre partenaire Noze a annoncĂ© le recrutement d’un premier participant pour leur Ă©tude de dĂ©pistage de cancer du sein avec le Dr Meterissian de McGill

    (Cette publication est disponible exclusivement en Anglais)

    📣 We’re thrilled to announce the recruitment of the first participant in our breast cancer screening study in partnership with Dr. Sarkis Meterissian.

    Dr. Meterissian, a practicing physician and distinguished Professor of Surgery and Oncology, serves as an Associate Investigator in the Cancer Research Program at the Centre universitaire de santĂ© McGill | McGill University Health Centre and is President of the Medical Advisory Board of the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation. His research focuses on the diagnosis, pathogenesis, and prognosis of breast cancer. Our collaboration with Dr. Meterissian targets the development of a rapid, non-invasive and cost-effective breast cancer screening tool that works by analyzing an individual’s breath 💹