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-Patient Partner, Centre of Excellence for Partnership with Patients and the Public.
-Coordinator of the Patient and Citizen Partner Advisory Group.

About Sylvain Bédard

Sylvain Bédard first heard the word transplant in 1980 when he was diagnosed with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a heart condition that had just killed his 18-year-old sister. Sylvain would have to fight and survive thanks to new health technologies for 20 years before receiving the gift of life.

With a heart transplant in 2000, in December 2004, he became the first heart transplant recipient in history to climb more than 6000m in Bolivia, on Mount Sajama, accompanied by his cardiologist. In 2018, Sylvain would undergo a second heart transplant after a 4-year wait.

Since 2016, Sylvain has been a patient partner at the CEPPP (Centre of Excellence on Partnership with Patients and the Public), co-leader of the SPOR National Patient Engagement Community of Practice (SPENCOP), member of the executive committee of the Quebec Society of Heart Failure, co-researcher or collaborator on clinical trial projects and projects to improve the impact of care partnerships in research. He also collaborates in several projects in digital health and innovation, with Inforoute, MSSS, FRQS, in telemedicine and data sharing. IN addition, he is a member of the CHUM’s Augmented Intelligence Tactical Committee.