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Understanding Clinical Research

Participating in a clinical study is an important decision. Following the recommendations of the Patient and Citizen Partner Advisory Group, the project team developed a series of informative videos to support patients in their decision to participate in clinical studies. These short (2 min.) videos are presented in simple language by healthcare professionals from the Montreal Heart Institute (MHI) and aim to optimize patients’ understanding on the implications of participating in a clinical study.

What is a Clinical Study?

This capsule presented by Dr. Marquis-Gravel, cardiologist and researcher at the MHI, explains what a clinical study is and the concepts related to safety and respect for the rights of participants.

Consent in Clinical Research

This video, also presented by Dr. Marquis-Gravel, defines the notions of informed, voluntary, and continuous consent in research. It also informs potential participants of their rights and the responsibilities of the research teams.

The Conduct of a Clinical Study

This video presented by Jessica Drouin, research nurse and coordinator at the Montreal Heart Institute, explains the steps related to the conduct of a clinical study. Some terms are also defined: randomized, double-blind and placebo.